Write 4 sentences that illustrate each of the following rules for comma usage.  Create a word document for this, and use the upload form on the assignments page to send your work to me.


1. Use commas to separate items in a  series.
 •I want peace on Earth, quality family time, and no credit card debt for  Christmas.

2.  Use commas after introductory words or mild interjections.
 •Yes,  I am unrealistic.

3. Use commas to set off words of direct address.
 •Bob, why don't  you help me.

4. Use commas to set off one or more words that interrupt the flow  of a sentence.
  •Lebron James, as you can see in this video here, dominates all  his opponents.

5. Use commas to set off nonessential items: clauses, participial  phrases, appositives.
 •Barack Obama, the President of the United States, might have a 4th of July hot dog eating contest at the White  House.

6. Insert a comma between two independent clauses that are joined  with a coordinating conjunction.
 •My dog chased three rabbits out of the woods,  but they all got away. 

7. Use commas to separate subordinate clauses at the beginning of sentences.
  •Before eating three candy bars, I should have thought of the consequences


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