With your Inspired Group, watch Brainpop on Verb Tenses.  Take graded Quiz.  Respond (by adding a comment) to the following:

1. What did your group get on the Graded Quiz?
2. What is the infinitive form of a verb?
3. What does "conjugate" mean?
4. What are two ways to show the future tense?
5. Conjugate (include past, present and future tenses for I, you, he or she, we and they) these two verbs: play and go. Make a list like this for each verb:



LP AT CB BM table 4
11/29/2012 10:29am

1. 6/10
2. any verb with "to" infront of it
3. to give different forms of a verb in a certain order
4. put -ed at the end or if it is irregular, it has its own way of being past tense
Subject Past Present Future

I I have played I am playing I will play
you you have played you are playing you will play
s/he s/he has played s/he is playing s/he will play
we we have played we are playing we will play
they they have played they are playing they will play

11/29/2012 10:38am

Subject future present past
I I will go I am going I have gone
you you will go you are going you have gone
s/he s/he will go s/he is going s/he has gone
we we will go we are going we have gone
they they will go they are going they have gone

Table 6 AN NK TS KD
11/29/2012 10:32am

1. 10/10
2. the verb without a suffix
3. Means to change the verb
4. Will and going to represent future tense
5. I Will play, I played, He is playing, She is going to go, You went, I will go

Table 6 AN NK KD TS
11/29/2012 10:50am

5 continued
She played, they played, you played, we played,
we are playing, I am playing, they are playing, he is playing, you are playing, he will play, you will play, we will play, they will play.

I go, you go, they go, he goes, we go.
we went, she went, they went, I went
You will go, they will go, we will go

11/29/2012 10:52am

1. 9-10
2. Any word begining with to for example to walk, to answer, and to catch
3.Conjugate means to change the verb in order to describe events in the past, present, or future.
4.I eat,you eat
5. I work, you work, theey work,we work, he works, she works, and it works

11/29/2012 10:55am

1. 9/10
2. The infinitive form of a verb is a verb without a tense suffix
3. Conjugate: to change a verb
4. To show the future tense you have to put the word will,are or going to.
5. I played, He is playing,I will play, She is going to go, I played, You went

11/29/2012 11:07am

1) 9/10
2)Anything with "to" infront of it
3)change a verb
4)Will and going
5)I will play I am playing I played
He will eat He ate He is eating
She will write She wrote She is writing
They rode to the ice cream store They ride to the ice cream store They will ride to the ice cream store
We rode we will ride we ride
I paint I will paint I painted

11/29/2012 11:09am

1. 9/10
2. it means to do so it has a "to do" in front of the verb
3.it means to make it preasent,past,and future
4.will and going to
5.I played, I will play ,I am going to play, I am playing
you played, you will play, you are going to play, you are playing
she played, she will play, she is going to play, she is playnig
he played, he will play, he is going to play, he is playing
we played, we will play, we are going to play, we are playing
they played, they will play, they are going to play, they are playing
I went, I will go, I am going, I am going
you went , you will go,you will be going, you are going
she went,she will go,she will be going, she is going
he went, he will go, he will be going , he is going
we went, we will go, we will be going,we are going
they went, they will go, they will be going, they are going


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