“Bill of Rights Cancelled: So Few Americans Know Their Rights,” or “Congress Decides to Eliminate the First Ten Amendments!”  Write a brief letter to the editor explaining why one particular right must not be taken away. In this letter, explain the meaning of the amendment, why it is important to Americans, and how life in America will change if you no longer have this right.

Jenny Z., Christopher W., Albert M., Corey F.
09/07/2012 7:03am

Dear Editor,

Since the Bill of Rights is going to be cancelled, we decided that you should keep one right in the Bill of Rights. That would be Amendment 14. Amendment 14 states that all people born in the United States are citizens of the United States. No state can make any laws that prevent privileges of the citizens of the United States. Nor can any state prevent any person of life, liberty, or property without due process. Nor deny to any person the equal protection of laws.

This amendment is important to Americans because it explains about the liberty of people so that they can have freedom and no one can take away life or property from any citizen in the United States.

Life in America would change if we did not have this right because if you took it away, states would make laws that prevent privileges of citizens in the United States and they would prevent people of life, liberty, or property. And people would not have the equal protection of laws.

Jenny Z., Christopher W., Albert M., Corey F.

VHiggins ETong JPurvise
09/07/2012 7:04am

Dear Editor,
We should keep the right to have the freedom of religion, speech, and press. Without religion people couldn't worship who they wanted to worship.We should have the right of speech and press to express ourselves to others.
This amendment means to always express yourself to others in either religion, speech, or press.
Without this amendment people wouldn't say what they want to say.
Please conider our request.
Your citizens,
Elise, Vivian, and James

Sidney H,Ashton B,Mathew Q,Lucy B
09/07/2012 7:06am

Without amendment four people would not have the privacy they do now.People would be getting their bags and other belongings searched constantly.No one would feel secure in thier houses , because every minute they would be nervous of some random police officer coming and searching their house, just because the police officer might not like her hair. as you can see it would be caous just without one amendment.


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