Write a letter to your parents describing how the $50 in our "Production, Consumption and Distribution" Group Assignment was spent.  Within the letter, make sure you answer the 4 questions found in your Assignment Packet.  Remember, this letter will be visible to other students, so make sure all spelling, capitalization, grammar and punctuation are correct! 
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09/04/2012 6:36am


Jenny Z., Albert M., Christopher W., Corey F.
09/04/2012 6:47am

2674 Dravanwood Lane
Hollywood, California 8213
September 4, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad,

We are doing great! We’ve decided which foods to buy, what stores to go to, and we’ve already bought them. And we’ve paid the babysitter the gas price.

There were many choices to choose from but we chose the foods based on price. We didn’t want to spend too much. We also chose based on quality. We had $8.87 leftover. We chose to go to two stores to get the foods because the two stores we went to had the best prices and if we went to one of them, the prices wouldn’t be the best for some of the foods. We are very responsible children and can be left alone in the future because we decided the foods ourselves and bought the food ourselves.

Like we said earlier, we are doing great and having fun. We hope you are having a good time on vacation in Hollywood! See you soon!

Jenny, Albert, Christopher, and Corey

Emma S,Elise T, Vivian H,and James P
09/04/2012 6:56am

Dear Mom and Dad,

I hope you are having a good trip! Here is how we spent our money on groceries.

We went to Green’s Groceries, Pauline’s Provisions, and Foster’s Foods to by our groceries.

We gave $6.00 to our babysitter for gas. Here is how much we spent on each item. Milk: 2 gallons for $6.00, Bread: 1 loaf for $3.00, Cereal: 2 boxes for $2.18, Peanut Butter:2 jars for $5.00, Jelly: 2 jars for $3.25,Lunch meat: 1 pack for $2.40,Fruit: 2 pounds for $1.70, Veggies: 3 cans of green beans for $3.00, Candy: $4.99, Ice cream: 2 pints for 3.50. We chose these products because they were the cheapest and what we wanted.

Well, I hope you understand why we chose these items.

Emma and

Lucy B. Ashton B. Matthew Q. Sidney H.
09/04/2012 7:07am

2163 petals drive
Sanfrancisco,Italy 57235
August 31, 2012

Dear mom and dad,
You’ll be happy to know were all having a great time, and you’ll be even happier to know that we were way under the budget you gave us for groceries.
We decided that when we went shopping depending on the situation of groceries, prices, and quality. The first store we went to had most of the things we needed/wanted. That store was fosters Foods. The reason we went to a second store was because the first store did not have exactly what we wanted, and did not have the best prices. We spent 4.00 on gas. Our amount left over was pretty good, it was 11.96. We thought we did very good.
And I hope you realize we are very responsible and sometimes in the future you could leave us home alone again.
I hope you have a great rest of your trip.

Sidney, Lucy, Matthew, Ashton

Camilla Y., Sophia C.,Lataysia L., Julie M., Miles H.
09/04/2012 7:07am

Los Felix 778
Los Angeles California

Dear Mom Dad,
Hey! I hope you have enjoyed your trip! We’ve missed you but we’ve had lots of fun on our own. We have completed shopping and we’d like to tell you about it. We looked through the stores catalog and found the best prices, but we made sure to think about what we where buying in case something was better quality and in all we decided to go with Green’s Groceries because it seemed the most organic, the most expensive. Even though it was the most expensive it was still a good buy it was only $32.99 and including the gas it was $34.99. We hope you are proud of us an trust us more often. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Julie M.,Camilla Y., Sophia C, Lataysia L., Miles H.

Chase H., Jake G., Alena F., John LU. and Yurseladies
09/05/2012 12:40pm

Comment deleted

Chase H, Jake G, Alena F, John L. U, Yurisleidy Y.
09/06/2012 6:50am

Comment deleted

Chase H, Jake G, Alena F, John L. U, Yurisleidy Y
09/06/2012 7:02am

Splinder St.
Port Harbor
Puerto Rico

Dear Mom and Dad

Are you having a good time? What are you doing? We are having a good time. When we shopped we bought everything from Foster's Foods.And we bought milk,bread,cereal,peanut butter, jelly,meat,fruit,vegetables,candy,and ice cream. Because they had cheaper prices and we spent $30.69. Our strategy was to go to the cheapest store and to not spend a lot of money on gas. We still have leftover money for you!
John, Yurisleidy

khari J. connor H. phlip M. tom P.
09/06/2012 8:10am

1126 Homewood CT Decatur GA 3003
August 28, 2012
Dear mom and dad

I am writing you to tell you how I thought before spending any of the money you left for and still have enough for the sitter

At first we went to Green’s groceries it was the cheapest but had very low quality.
Then we went to foster’s foods and there prices were very high priced and very low quality. At last we went to Pauline’s provisions has an expectable prices and high quality.

So we went there and still had money to pay the sitter gas.

Love bye


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