Adi P., Haden W., Alonzo L.
10/16/2013 10:32am

Dear diary, January 17,1864
Life as a soldier here is….. pretty horrible. Actually it is VERY horrible. Today I got pierced in the arm….it was very excruciatingly painful. The doctor said that he might have to amputate it. Not enjoyable for me. I wish that I could just go home to my wife and kids. Why did God give me this fate?!
All I eat tonight is going to be some sheet iron crackers. And that is going to be the most food I have had in a long time. Yes that is the life of a soldier in the Civil War.
I will write to you later, next time with one arm….

Sgt. Bob Bobbington

Jonathan S., William S., Will B.
10/16/2013 10:37am

I was roused by gunshots. Put to sleep by gunshots. I was drafted and I hated it the second I got there. That mean old genaral ain't like us one little bit. Well now I'm in the tent. Today is another day of misery. I am walk'in out of the tent and geting ready to march to old Savanah.

Hayley I,Morgan P,Peyton L
10/16/2013 10:37am

Dear Jurnal,
As a Union Army man I trully support President Lincoln and all of the abolitionists that are fighting to end slavery. Every day I have been writing in this jurnal. If my general finds out I'll shurly get punishied! After all everyone, including the general, wants peace and one big Union. Not a CSA and a USA.

Simon Davis, Anthony Miramontes
10/16/2013 10:37am

Journal of James A. Bartholomew the III

Day one: Today we advanced towards Atlanta. We began to close in, pressuring the other side. As we saw Bald Hill, we failed to capture it. We were not welcomed back to our side. We promised ourselfs we would try tomorrow.

Day two: We finally managed to capture Bald Hill, quickly moving our artillery weapons to the front line. We fired our cannons into the town. We believed we had conquered our foes. We began marching into the city.

10/16/2013 2:18pm

Great job!

McKenna C., Grace C., Olivia H.
10/16/2013 10:37am

Dear Journel,

I was at the camp at about 3:30 P.M watching soldiers fight for their lives. I had a illness so I could not fight. My brother Harrold was fighting. I thought he was going to die. Someone shot his arm. He was rushed to the doctor. His arm was amputated. I pulled the thin blanket over my head and I cried. My mother would be horrified if she saw what happened to Harrold. I went to sleep when I saw a soldier from our army get shot in the neck. It was so gruesome I wanted to hide forever. So far I had to hide under the blanket and in my dreams. I had a nightmare about the Battle of Atlanta. In my nightmare, Sherman was killed in the war along with my brother. I

Brandon D. Adam W.
10/16/2013 10:38am

Day 1,my genral William sherman told me and his troops to advance twords atlanta forming a semicircle around the city. we were orderd to attack Bald hill. we were not sucsessful.
Day 2, the following day we heard news thatwe had taken the hill.

Eli k.
10/16/2013 10:38am

Day one,
To Jim,1864

Today all I heard was the cannon and gunshots, and thats bought all we heard today.I hear the wounded screming in pain and then I saw my friend fall and die . Plus my ears fell dameged like I can't here antthing.Everytime I lift my head all I see is the bullets wizzing by me and all the smoke making it hard to see and breath. I also see all the rebs attacking and retreting. Plus my stomech hurts from all the hardtack I eaten and pork from the morning before.

from your friend,


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