table six
02/12/2013 7:06am

We should join the war becuase the Germans are going to attack us that is all good bye

Table 6
02/13/2013 6:47am

Sorry that was not all and too short. So..
(Continued) We should join the war because many innocent people on ships are being killed because German U-boats are attacking the ships. Many Americans are dying because of these wicked people. We have to help Great Britain and France because they do not have Russia with them anymore. Russia has dropped out, so we should take their place. We are very powerful and we can do this!

02/13/2013 7:02am

We want to join the war because Gemany will atack us soon. They will keep on sinking are ships. We do not want to die being cowards and not giving it our all. We want to fight to show the enemys that we are not people who sit on the sidelines.We should fight because Britin,and france need. Who would we be if we did not help?

ET, SH, MR Table 3
02/13/2013 7:07am

Dear President Wilson,
You promised the people that they would not join the war, however American boats were sunk. I personally think that it would only be right for the people to join the war. If you don't, it is definetly possible that the german u-boats will just keep attacking and sinking our ships.If this were to happen people would die, shippped goods wouldn't come, and everyone would be upset. I understand that you are in a tough situation but I think joining the war would be best for you and the people of America.

Your advisors

SC, VH, TW, CM, Table 1
02/13/2013 7:08am

We think that we should enter the war because if we don't the future of America and the rest of the world could be in a terrible situation. We need to fight back! The Lusitania was not an accident! WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY AND AVENGE THE LUSITANIA!!! We need to help our allies who have helped us, we can't break our promises. The world is scared of us, let's use it against them.


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