OK, so now it's time to turn your research into a real-looking cover for your Person of the Year.  
Go to this site: http://jpgfun.com/time/ and with a good picture of your important person already saved, build your very own cover.  Once you've created the image and saved it to the network drive, paste it into a word document and add text boxes for the year, the person's important year and a caption.  Continue the document with a story - who the person is and why they "won" the honor of Person of the Year.  At least 150 words, please.
Email the completed file to me by Tuesday, March 04.

Now it's time to tell what you've learned from this acitivity.  As a group, write a summary of each expert's presentation in the comment section.

Read the following article about the invention of barbed wire.Copy the following questions, paste them into the "Comments" box, then answer each question.

1. Why was fencing hard to come by on the great plains and southwest?

2. Who gets credit as the first inventor of barbed wire, and in what year?

3. Who got improved upon the design and got the first patent?  What year?

4. What were some positive consequences of this invention?

5. What were some negative consequences?

6. Besides containing livestock, what are some other ways in which barbed wire has been used?

Explore the work of the Freedmen's Bureau using the following



As you study the work of the Freedmen’s Bureau,  take notes on the Bureau’s responsibilities.  Using this information, students should prepare a job description (what's a job description? here are some examples) for an employee of the
Bureau. The description should include tasks assigned to all employees as well
as possible tasks that may be required to help freed slaves.  Write this
description in the "comments".

“Bill of Rights Cancelled: So Few Americans Know Their Rights,” or  “Congress Decides to Eliminate One of
the First Ten Amendments!”W
rite a  brief letter to the editor
explaining why one particular right  must not be taken away. In
this letter, explain the meaning of the  amendment, why
it is important to Americans
, and  how life in America will
if you no longer have this  right.

Watch two Braipop videos today: Terrorism and September 11.  Take quizzes for each and post results in the comment section following this post.
Then read "Recent Developments" p. 74-76 in the Coach book.  Answer - in your SS Journal - Show What You Know (p. 76), and Lesson Practice (p. 77).  And finally, do the Chapter 1 CRCT Review (p.78-80).

Watch the BrainPop video, World War II, then complete this activity as a group.  If you finish, read Remember Me (p.364-367 in your textbook, and write your answer for Activites #1, Talk About It in your SS Journal.  Save the Word Document when finished.  Use the upload form on the Assignments Page to turn the activity in.
Click on this link to open the Alphabet Programs
Chart.  Use the   following sites to research each program, and fill out the  chart.  When you're 
finished, save the document and attach it to an email to  me.

Use  these  (and other) websites in your research:
How Stuff Works
University of Washington
Virgina Western COmmunity College
First visit this site and complete the History's Mystery activity.

Then use the following biographies to complete the worksheet.
Langston Huges (short video)
Babe Ruth (short video)
Louis Armstrong (short video)
Henry Ford (short video)
Charles Lindbergh

Use this worksheet to tell what you've learned about each of these important Americans.