Why is the Emancipation Proclamation still important today?

Table 2 (NB, MG, CK, SL, EE-L)
10/19/2012 09:23:28

The Emancipation Proclamation is still important today because slaves are free. Everyone is equal. Some people in our class wouldn't be in our class. Some teachers wouldn't be our teachers. We don't like slavery.

table 2
10/19/2012 09:25:31

Now everyone is equal. We can all be friends now.

Table 3
10/19/2012 09:23:40

The Emancipation Proclamation shows that slaves should be free. It also shows that slavery should have never happen. It is important today because now people think african americans are equal to whites.

10/19/2012 09:24:40

the Emancipation Proclamation is important because it set many slaves free and gave them free slaves more rights and if that did not
happen many working african americans would be slaves. And our community would be alot different. and it helped the union win because the Emancipation Proclamation gave them hope and courage

Table 4 SH IH JJ JW SL
10/19/2012 09:24:48

The reason why the Emancipation Proclamation is important is because the Emancipation Proclamation is freeing enslaved people. This Proclamation declares that slaves in the Confederacy were free. This is important because without the Emancipation Proclamation that slaves would still be legal today. Also with slaves the world will become a bad place and the people who fought to end slavery would be pointless becuse we wouold have slavery once again. The country be a slave country even though we stand as a free country. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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