“Bill of Rights Cancelled: So Few Americans Know Their Rights,” or “Congress Decides to Eliminate the First Ten Amendments!”  Write a brief letter to the editor explaining why one particular right must not be taken away. In this letter, explain the meaning of the amendment, why it is important to Americans, and how life in America will change if you no longer have this right.
Sophie L, Tyler B, Nikki B, Ben S
9/7/2012 01:20:47

Dear Editor,
The freedom of speech. You can say anything you want that is positive or negative. you will not get in big trouble if you say a different thing from someone else. That is why we think its a right that never should be taken away.

Tyler and Ben
9/7/2012 01:22:26

Just Tyler and Ben

Eli Jacob Cooper
9/7/2012 01:28:47

The amendments are important to show the peoples rights. The amendments help people stay in order. It also keeps people safe. It saves peoples lives. The amendments are a big part of our country.

Sophie and Nikki
9/7/2012 01:29:11

Dear Editor,
We think that we have to keep freedom of speech. Without it people might disagree about something but can't speak up. Amendment1 means that you have the right to say what ever you want to say about a subject. If you take that away, people will be very unhappy, but they wont be able to say that because they dont have the Freedom of Speech. We think you should keep the Freedom Of Speech.
Nikki and Sophie


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