“Bill of Rights Cancelled: So Few Americans Know Their Rights,” or  “Congress Decides to Eliminate One of
the First Ten Amendments!”W
rite a  brief letter to the editor
explaining why one particular right  must not be taken away. In
this letter, explain the meaning of the  amendment, why
it is important to Americans
, and  how life in America will
if you no longer have this  right.

Alex G. & Ben S.
9/4/2013 09:46:18

Dear Editor,
We think if the freedom of speech was cancelled, it would be bad. We would not be able to write this letter. We know you might not like negative comments about the government but you are taking away one of our most important rights. The freedom of speech is what allows you to write your newspaper.
We would not even be able to protest the government.
Alex G.
Ben S.

catie brady rachle
9/4/2013 10:08:03

Dear Editor,
Without Basic freedom, someone could get arrested for speaking there mind, and having different religions. Such as protesting laws and decisions made by the government and the court. Also if you don’t protest silently you can get arrested. This is why the law, basic freedoms is so important.
Rachel K, Catie H, and Brady M.

Julia.N Paris.B Elena.K
9/4/2013 09:54:31

Dear, Editor

If we took away the 6th amendment wich is a right to the fair trial wich says enyone who accused to a crime has the right to a fair trial, then people would go to jail even if they didn’t do it and was guilty . I think this is a very important amendment because then we would have to make more jails for people who were guilty. Also what will happen if we accuse the wrong people? The person who really did it will not get a punishment. So everyone who is accused and didn’t do it should have the right to a fair trial.

Paris, Julia, and Elena

Matthew H. & Teddy W.
9/4/2013 10:00:53

Dear Editor,

We think that if we couldnt have more then 10 rights, because we probaly would'nt even be able to ride a bike or even run on a track field. This would effect how people and everything around them would live.

Matthew H.
Teddy W.

Bella Lindsey Roman
9/4/2013 10:03:12

Dear editor,
if the bill of rights was cancled we would have soldiers sleeping in your houses and do not think any body would like that

Bella Lindsey Roman
9/5/2013 10:05:31

Dear editor,
If the bill of rights was cancled we would have soldiers sleeping in our house. I do not think anyone would like that. Could you imagine a random man sleepin in your bed /couch that you do not evan know.

mason m kobe j spencer p
9/4/2013 10:04:07

Dear, editor
Please don’t take away amendment 8 because, then you could be punished in so many more awful ways. Being put in jail doesn’t hurt you but being hanged or being whipped is painful and can kill you. We think your punishment should be equal to your crime. Please editor don’t take away amendment 8.

Reid D. Haziq S.
9/4/2013 10:04:57

Dear Editor,
It would be bad If we did not have the 4th amendment because then people could just come in to your house search everything in their house without them knowing. It would be weird if you came in your house and there were people looking at everything in your house it would just be creepy. Also you go into anyone’s house and no one would have any privacy. It would not be good and that’s why we think we should have the 4th back!
sincerely, Haziq and Reid

Peter B. Ben P. Roan L.
9/4/2013 10:06:19

dear editor
The Fourth Amendment should not be taken away because how would you feel if police men came to your house and turned it completely upside down looking for something that you abveusly haven't stole. It would meen that you would have to do a lot of cleaning. You would also get a lot of complants about police barging into people's houses for no aperant reson at all. Thank you for listening about our arguement about why you should not take away the 4th amendment

Ben P., Roan L. and Peter B.

Eli k, William S, Will B
9/4/2013 12:31:11

Dear Editor, 9/4/13
If the first amendment was taking away from the Bill of rights we would have many problems. First of all there would only have one religion which would be a problem because we would not have any differences. Also we would not be able to say our opinions against the government and the press will not be able to say the truth of what they think. Also we would not be able to have any petition what the government thinks.
Eli k, William s, Will b.

Sandrine , Babette
9/5/2013 10:09:00

Dear , Editor
The fourth amendment should not be reclined because that would mean that police officers could come into your house without a search warrant and without special permission to enter the person’s house. And that also means that they can come into your house anytime they wanted to or felt it was needed to. If someone impersonates a police officer can come into your house without a warrant too . And because if you are not at home and they come into your house there might be a chance that thy are impersonating a police then they might steal your valuables and say they came into your house to stop a robbery. And that is why the government should not take away the fourth amendment.

From, Babette and Sandrine


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