Visit this site http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/childlabor/ and choose one photograph to work with.  Complete the  "Examining Photographs" sheet with your group.  In the comments section here,  write a letter to your employer.  Pretend you are a kid in the photo, and are unhappy with the working conditions in the photo.  What would you want the  employer to know?

Table 4 (SL, NB, DS, EC)
1/28/2013 09:28:02

Dear Mr. Franru,
I am very unhappy with this job. We work long hours for little pay. Camille and I fill four baskets of berries everyday. We come home exausted. I am only seven and Camille is nine. We have done nothing to deserve this terrible child laber. We are poor and need the money. Is there any way you raise our pay? Or make us work less? Make our working conditions better? Anything would be great.

Table 4
1/29/2013 09:40:54

(This was actually written her mother. Justine can't read or write because we don't have enough money to send her to school. Also because she spends all her time working, getting us the money we need.)

1/28/2013 09:29:43

Dear employer,

It is hot out here today. I would like a raise becuse the conditions are harsh and I work long and hard and I get payed they little.
I've worked for a year but still little pay please may i have a raise to help my family

from your, ?

1/29/2013 09:31:26

Gabrielle and Jacob did the letter seperatly on the worksheet.

table 5 TB,LB,BS,KA
1/29/2013 09:28:05

dear boss
child labor in america is bad because they need to work for 14-15 hours a day. What they should be doing is going to go to school and learning to read and do math.

Table 1 CH LB IH NR
1/29/2013 09:30:02

Dear, boss man
I am very mad at you. Beacuse you dont care about any of us you just care about the money that you make. Remember yesterday when that little boy got burned and you told him to be quiet and keep working. The only reason why I am still working for you is because my family needs the money to survive. Please reconsider the working conditions because I really want to live.

your unhappy worker,
Dustin Jamison a.k.a. dj because that is what my friends call me

table six JJ, PM, EH, JW
1/29/2013 09:30:34

Dear Mr. Eirc,
My name is Jack. I’m an eight year old boy and I work for money by picking berries. I am hot, thirsty and hungry and tired from picking all day. My Clothes are tattered and dirty. I am unhappy, because I am all alone and I do not get a lot to eat. If I was working in someplace I would want my employer to know a couple things. First I would want to him or her to know that he should pay us more for working so hard and for so long. Second I would want you to know is that I don’t get any breaks. I don’t get enough clean water for the day. I hope after this letter you will understand that we need to improve our working area and supplies.
Thank you Jack.

Table2 CK MG CH SH
1/29/2013 09:30:51

Dear Employer,
The working conditions here at the factory are unsafe for all the workers. Most of us are either dying or getting very sick. One time I acedentaly tied my finger in the bundle of brooms and when I tried to get it out, my finger broke. I do not want to do it again. I don't think anybody will want to dothat either.
The kid


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