Read "Demand and Supply for Cattle" on page 239 in  your textbook.
Pretend you are a southern farmer and write a  persuasive letter to Texas ranchers explaining why they will make a lot of money  if they drive their cattle toward the  Southeast. Remember  to talk about  supply and demand in the letter.   
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Table 4 (SL, NB, EC, DS)
12/20/2012 00:09:31

Dear Ranchers,
We think that you should bring the cattle down to the Southeast. Many people would buy cattle, leather, beef, and etc. Also we have empty land for your cattle to roam. It is the perfect place.
Table 4

Table 4 (SL, NB, EC, DS)
12/20/2012 00:17:32

You can raise your prices a lot. We have high demand for cattle here and a low supply. You could sell many products at a high price.

table 6
12/20/2012 00:20:26

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table 6
12/20/2012 00:19:03

Dear rancher,
you should move your cattle to the south, because demand in the south is much greater than it is in the north. In the south one cattle is $40 and in the north, and east a peice of beef would sell for $4 dollers, becuse the supply in the north, and east is there was a little amount of beef ,he south and west there was little demand and great supply.

Table 1
12/20/2012 00:19:21

Please let us take the cattle to the southeast. So then the supply will go up, but the demand is down. And that meens less trips for us,but more money for you and us.

Table 5
12/20/2012 00:19:31

Souhern farmers will make alot of money because every single cattle sold for $40, and there were hundreds of cattle. Each trip to Kansas and back will get a bigger paycheck than if they were farmers.

table 2 MG SH CK CH
12/20/2012 00:27:11

Dear Texas Ranchers,
We know a way to make a lot of money. We think we can help you
get your cattle to the southeast. There is alot of damand in the north and alot of supply in the south. We need to figure out how to get the cattle up to the north on there own. All we need is a few men to travel with them up north. They will be called cowboys. This is how we can get the supply to rise up in the north. We hope you agree with this change.

The Southern farmers

Table 2 (GK, KJ, TP, JR)
12/20/2012 00:31:23

Dear Texas Rancher,
I believe that you should bring your cattle down here in the Southeast. Down here demand is plenty, $40 per cattle, each! But over there, in Texas, you have little demand but great supply, costing $4 each for cattle. So why don't you bring some of your cattle down here where supply is little. Consider your options, which one is better?
From Table 4

12/21/2012 00:05:02

A little mistype,
we are Table 3.


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