Table 3 NER JAR CJH EJC a union soldier's prespective
11/8/2012 09:16:28

Dear,diary Today was very hard to bare. The crops are going down so that means that food is scarce. Today we are heading down south to go to Atlanta to capture the confederacy's main city, and capture there ammunition. if we get that then we technically win the war. And know let us go fight in the battle of Atlanta.

Table 3
11/8/2012 09:17:45

That was day 1

Table three
11/8/2012 09:24:30

Dear diary, Day two
Today I was in Shermans group, we sure put up a fight they tried to stop us, but they failed. So then we went back to the fort for the night.

Table 6
11/8/2012 09:26:01

July 13/64 Dear Michael,
I am writing to tell you that the further plans for the is to cross the river. Once we sould have done this I believe that the enemy should have retreated out of Georgia; Don't get me wrong, but Sherman's plan is very unlikely to continue smoothly and sensible. I just hope his plan to lead this side of the army will be for a good cause.

from, Thomos A Brown

Table 3 Day 3
11/8/2012 09:27:51

Dear diary
Victory for the union we finaly won. Who would of thought that just burning everything would win the battle of Atlanta.

11/8/2012 09:30:08

July 12th was very quiet while sitting in our foxholes and the we saw a flare. The confederate soldiers were marching in under the command of general lee.

ds ch pm
11/8/2012 09:31:26

day 1 above

Table 2 CK MG SL NB
11/8/2012 09:32:12

September 5
We are present here at the battle of Atlanta. I hope that the Union wins so slavery can end. That way we can stay one united country. I've got to go! I do not want them to find my diary.

September 6
The Confederate army has now left. I am safe to write. The battle is getting intense. If you walk down the street, you can see people lying on the ground dead. I am so afraid that I won't get free and the Confederates will win.

September 7
The battle is almost over, and the Confederates are winning. This is making me very nervous. I am likely to stay a slave. Wow, the Union is surrounding the Confederates. The Union made a great move. I might have a chance to be free.

11/8/2012 15:36:51

July 13, 1864
Dear diary,
Today when I went outside the air smelt thick, dense, and smelt like smoke. The all you could hear was the sound of bullets being shot. I miss you mom I wish you were here to hold me; I am very scared. Today when I went outside to get my drying cloths I saw sandy get hit. The two armies now fight across the river, but it is said that we will soon advance again, and cross the river. When is completed I think the confederates will retreat beyond Atlanta unless we can find a way to make him fight a significant action in which case he will be defeated.
August 31, 1864
Dear diary
Well today the army has come and taken my house over to make it their new headquarters. I am here to update you with what is happening, the army’s health attends us, but the worst season is over, the weather is getting colder and colder every day. The worst has happened the army is losing much energy especially the recruits as for the past 3 weeks we have done very small firing and very little moving. I hope we can charge back up with much energy so we can fight. I hope we do! I will keep up with you diary.

September 2, 1864
Dear diary,
Lily has let me stay with her for a while thank goodness. Well today the army has come and taken my house over to make it their new headquarters. I have known Idea where I will stay, but I do know that that after the Union has sieged and had many various attempts to seize railroads and supply lines leading to Atlanta. Also I know after taking the city, Sherman's troops headed south-southeastward toward Milledgeville, the State capital, and on to Savannah with the March to the Sea.


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