paris b, bella m, and gefen b
10/15/2013 13:13:45

im going missin' my fightin' for my country and im finished . i already lost my arm but im not loosen my life. its time for my fleeing. the battle of bull run was to much for me, the preasures killin' me . i hope that some day our country will be equal
yours truly,mokuil simfony

Kobe J Teddy W.
10/15/2013 13:14:00

Dear Bob,
Life is hard as a soldier. I am tired of eating the same thing every day. All my friends are dying.

Roman S. Ben P.
10/15/2013 13:14:10

If we wher on the Union side

Rachel K. Elena K.
10/15/2013 13:16:13

Dear sister,

If you were here then you would here the confederate and union battle cries. It's very scary dad reported he almost died in a bullet shoot. and they didn't even send him home!



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