Table 1
2/13/2013 09:14:00

Dear Mr.Preisident,
I think that we should go into the war because they are just going to keep killing civillians from the U.S.A. and we need to punish them for that. And we need to help Great Britian and all of those countries. This will not stop unless we can help the big countries win. Hope you take it under consideration.


your assistant

Table 4 (SL, NB, EC, DS)
2/13/2013 09:14:35

Dear Mr. Presidant,
We do not want to go to war. When you became Presidant, you promised all citizens we would try to avoid war. We are speaking for many advisors and citizens. Our country deserves peace. We would lost many citizens on the Lusitania. We don't want to lose more. Even though it seems many citizens want to go to war, it would be safer and smarter to avoid it. The world war already has many countries. Let the United States be a good example to other countries.
The US Advisors

table 6 PM,JW,EH,JJ
2/13/2013 09:16:13

Dear Mr. President,
we should enter the war so we can help our allies. We need to stop German U-Boats from attacking ships, and taking out our weapon and food supply. When the U-boats atack and sink the cargo boats we loose money. Our allies need our help because of the U-Boat's are taking out lots of our ships. Witout our help Germany and its allies will wipe out our allies. We need to help, and go to war!

table 5 (TB,LB,BS)
2/13/2013 09:17:18

Dear Mr.President,
We should join the war because we have new weapons. We can help with suplies to our allies. We can sneak attack on German ships. These weapons will make it easier to kill the Germans.

G K, J R, and K J
2/13/2013 09:18:24

President Wilson,
We the advisors, believe that this war is uninportant and we should continue to remain nuetral in the 'Great War'. It has become a big problem to the countries that have been involved, and we should not follow in their footsteps. You told the public we would stay out of the war. If we entered, you might lose the peoples trust. Our economy needs no other worries.

Your advisors

Table 2 MG SH CK CH
2/13/2013 09:24:26

Dear Mr. President,
We SHOULD NOT join the war. No one wants to die! It would not be fun at all! All we would see every day would be people dying. They will put out a lot of posters saying JOIN THE WAR OR ELSE! We do not want to feel guilty and sad. We want to help the country and all, but we most likely would die. That would just be helping the other countries, not ours.
The Citizens


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