“Bill of Rights Cancelled: So Few Americans Know Their Rights,” or “Congress Decides to Eliminate the First Ten Amendments!”  Write a brief letter to the editor explaining why one particular right must not be taken away. In this letter, explain the meaning of the amendment, why it is important to Americans, and how life in America will change if you no longer have this right.


09/06/2012 6:08am


Everyone could not barearmed so they could not protect themselfs

table 1
09/06/2012 6:21am

We think if the bill of rigts was cancelled than the U.S. would be complete cauos. The streets would be trashed. We would have too many criminals. Some people would not be smart. The criminals would hurt people. People would not have the rights to do want they want and need to do. Women would not be able to vote and many more horrible things would happen. That is why we think if the Bill of Rights was cancelled than the U.S. would be total cauos.

ben hecker, jarrett arogeti, nathan kennedy, jourdain toussaint
09/06/2012 6:26am

If ammendment 8 was tacken away evereryone would have crul punisments. Every one would have expinsive dets to pay< and then
theywould be homless.

Table 6
09/07/2012 6:07am

Dear Editor,
We should keep ammendment number one. The reason we should keep ammendment one is if you said something bad about the president you would go to jail. Also, if you weren't a certiant religion, you get locked upl. Next, if you have a meeting you would be behind bars.. Lastly, if you write something bad in the newspaper, you would be imprisoned.
Table 6

table 3
09/07/2012 6:23am

dear Editor,
Why take away Amndment 1?
We need it because everyone would be the same and you couldn't say what you wanted.

kharij connorh tomp philipm
09/07/2012 8:27am

it would be horrible because most of the peaoples rights would be gone


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