Visit this site http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/childlabor/ and choose one photograph to work with.  Complete the "Examining Photographs" sheet with your group.  In the comments section here, write a letter to your employer.  Pretend you are a kid in the photo, and are unhappy with the working conditions in the photo.  What would you want the employer to know?


table 2 AN XKW KO HP
01/28/2013 6:17am

Dear Mr. Buck,
I do not like the working conditions that you have put me in. You are making me pick tobbaco sitting down for 8 hours hours a day. You are making all of our backs scream with pain. Also, the 2 14 year olds are chewing all of the tobbaco they pick every day. Their skin is already turning black. The tobbaco plants are taller than we are so we pull muscels every day. Please change our working conditions
Table 2 HP KO XKW AN

01/29/2013 6:18am

Dear Mr. Cuffy,
We do not like the working conditions you have put us in. Camille and I are very dehidrated and our backs are all messed up. Plus, four pails of cotton each day is way too much for us! If you don't change the working conditions, we will find another person to work for.

Justine and Camille

table 1
01/29/2013 6:22am

Dear Mr.Jeinkins,

We are tiered of working long hours whith little pay. If you don't pay us more we will go a strike. And will demand longer breaks more pay and better working conditions. We are working over 10 hours a day in the hot sun! You are a fat jerk! We are going on strike!

Table 4 TS EG KG AR
01/29/2013 6:23am

Dear Mr. Ford,
We are not getting enough pay and working too many hours and $3.00 a week. That is $156.00 a year that is just enough to feed half of our family. We wanted to move here to start a new better life that soi far is not working because of you. We have 5 relatives that moved here and all we have to live in is 1 tenement room that is not alot of comfortr with 10 people in one room.We are so poor my children are working in this factory with me. We dfemand better pay and less hours or we and all the workers are all going on strike.
Table 4

Table 3
01/29/2013 6:24am

Dear Mr. Joe

It is dusty and hard to see. It is painful and when we do somthing wrong we get beaten, and pocked. There is not alot of windows. We even may loose our lifes. 100 of us die each year.kids have to go to work too.Unless you give us better working conditions we will go on strike,


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