Write a letter to your parents describing how the $50 in our "Production, Consumption and Distribution" Group Assignment was spent.  Within the letter, make sure you answer the 4 questions found in your Assignment Packet.  Remember, this letter will be visible to other students, so make sure all spelling, capitalization, grammar and punctuation are correct! 
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hayden,levi,calan, tommy
09/04/2012 6:56am

las vegas blv.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bobby,

I hope your enjoying your trip. Have you lost all your money in
Vegas yet? Or have you doubled your money?

We bought all the stuff you wanted us to. We bought the cheapest stuff from two stores. We only used $ 21.51 and we paid the sitter for the gas money so it equaled $24.51. we spent the leftovers on the dog. Bobby junior was begging for food, so we whipped him because of his bad manners. We locked him in the attic, and he’ll be out by the time your home. In five years…

Enjoy your trip to the west coast. We will take care of the dog. Do not worry about bobby junior, we will whip him if he is bad!!!

Thank you, and we will be sending this by a flying mouse, so it wont get in the wrong hands.


Andrew, Blake, Thomas, and Hannah
09/04/2012 9:38am

7969 Golf Cart path September/ 4/ 2012
San Francisco, California 83526
Dear Mom and Dad,
We decided to go to all three grocery stores. The overall price was $ 23.44.The reason we decided to go to all three stores is it was the cheapest. Also, we didn't spend all of the 50.00. Another reason is the things were the best quality. In conclusion, we saved alot of money by going to all three stores.
Andrew, Blake, Thomas, and Hannah

Laura, Nate, and Kyra
09/06/2012 6:07am

Dear Mom and Dad,
The fifty dollars was spent at Greens Groceries. We like the brands better.
We bought all the stuff you wanted us to buy. We had to give the babysitter two dollars for gas. We liked the brands better even though it was thirty five cents more.
Hope to see you soon we miss you.
Love Laura, Krya, Nate

table 2
09/06/2012 6:24am

Dear mom and dad,
We hope you are having a great time on your cruise to the Caribbean.Our babysitter is very nice and took us shopping at the grocery store.

We spent $31.42 on the grocerys. We went to all three stores to get food. We have $18.58 left out of the $50.you gave us. We got enough food for the weekend. We bought enough food for the four of us and the babysitter. Should we buy a little more food or candy. Hope you have a nice trip and hope you be back soon.



table 1
09/07/2012 6:23am

Dear Mom and Dad,
We went to three different grocerie stores and spent $8.00 for gas expenses and spent $16.30 on the groceries. All together we spent a total of $34.20 dollars on groceries, some stuff for the dog and gas. We bought milk, bread, cereal, peanut butter, jelly, sandwich meat, fruit, vegetables, candy and ice cream. We spent $10.00 on the dog for her food and a few treats.
Have fun on your cruise in the Carribbean,
Your Kids

09/07/2012 6:24am

1857 OAK Grove Rd.
30345 Atlanta GA

Dear Mr.McCarthy
We chose Greens Groceries and Pauline's Provisions because they had better deals on thier food than Foster's Foods.We spent $26.99 on these stores,Greens Groceries and Pauline's Provisions.We had 24.01 left.

table 4
09/07/2012 6:27am

3307 bbq
Watertown New York 55073

Dear Aunt Sally,
We have grocrey shopping and have done it safly and calmly.
We have shown you that we are resonciable young children and can be left alone next time you leave town.

we have gone grorcey shopping and got everything on the list.we have enjoyed this wonderful task that you have left us. we have completed the list and have three prices prices to choose from.
we have choosen the $32.49 +$2.00 because we thought it was better food,.the prices are $34.99,$32.49,and $29.14 We are safe at home (missing no chlidren and we are not dead)

We are so happy about your promotion in your job and we tried very hard and succeded in this fine asingentment.

your lovely newphew and necies.We LOVE YOU SO MUCH

claire,garrett,ella,kenzie,and most importantly CLAIRE agin

09/07/2012 7:03am

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