Read "Demand and Supply for Cattle" on page 239 in your textbook.
Pretend you are a southern farmer and write a persuasive letter to Texas ranchers explaining why they will make a lot of money  if they drive their cattle toward the  Southeast. Remember  to talk about supply and demand in the letter.   
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12/19/2012 6:07am

Dear Rancher Railhead,
You should drive your cattle to our farms. It all works out with the supply and demand. The demand for the cattle is high and it is selling for $40 a cow. You also have a high supply to meet their demand. You could make a lot of money by driving 200-300 cattle to the east. It really is a good thing.
Farmer Billy Bob Joe

table 3
12/19/2012 6:11am

Dear, Cowboy Bob
You should drive the cattle north beause they are worth 10x as much as they are Texas. There is little supply of cattle in the north and the demand is very high,so hey are worth alot of money. The people in the south and the east wanted cattle for there meat and hide.

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12/19/2012 6:14am

from Billybob

Table 5
12/19/2012 6:15am

Dear Texas ranchers,
Please come and sell us your cattle. We are very desperate. We will buy a cow for $40 when you can buy one in Texas for $4. You will make a lot of money, $36 profit to be exact. You will be very rich with these cowboys taking 2,000 cattle at once. Please sell us your cattle.

Southern Farmers

Table 6
12/19/2012 6:17am

Sorry we are 6, not 5.

table 4
12/19/2012 6:16am

Dear Sam,

We think that you should start driving cattle to the east or the north. It would be a good way to make a lot of money. All you would have to do is you need to do is go find some cowboys who can get the cattle over to the east or to the north and get it to someone who is willing to buy your cattle. You will get around $40 a head and you only have to pay the cowboys $40 each and then you'll get your money.

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12/19/2012 6:23am

Dear Mr. Jimmithy,
If you move all 2,000 of my cattle I will pay you $150. If you take all of them to Chicago. I will supply you with a horse. I need you to ship the cattle to the northern and eastern cities.You can bring all of them to the north and I will pay you. Dont let them kill you when they stampede. I will look forward to see all my cattle in good condition. Dont get lost on the chisholm trail. thanks and I hope to see you in Chicago.

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12/19/2012 6:24am

Dear Cowboy Joe,
If you come on down to the southeast, I promise you will become very wealthy, here are some reasons why:

Since supply and demand is happening, people want more meat and you driving them to the southeast will make people happy and when people are happy they give more money. Such as cutting the horns off the cattle and selling them. Also because the cattle in Texas are much less expensive. The cattle are at least $4 and are sold for $40 so you will get a pretty high salary.
Sincerely yours
Carl from table 5


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