Explore the work of the Freedmen's Bureau using the following



As you study the work of the Freedmen’s Bureau,  take notes on the Bureau’s responsibilities.  Using this information, students should prepare a job description (what's a job description? here are some examples) for an employee of the Bureau. The description should include tasks assigned to all employees as well as possible tasks that may be required to help freed slaves.  Write this
description in the "comments".


11/01/2013 11:16am

There would be people for cooking, teaching, nursing, ect. There was probly people who helped the former slaves find jobs too. People would help by getting them to learn to read and wright. Chefs would also help them learn how to prepare meals. We researched about people who would feed, bath, help walk, and do other things for older or disabled people. There would be people like that in the Freeman's Burea too.

11/07/2013 7:26am

Job: Former slave contract helper
Purpose: Helps former slaves and other people make contracts with each other

Duties: Suggests contracts between former slaves and African Americans, helps with decision making, and proofreads for tricks (like the contract says cents where the person says dollars)
Skills: Economics


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