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1864, May 7: Maj. General Sherman's army started a siege on our city, Atlanta. they must be trying to starve us, because they set camp. General Jonston is getting nervous because their army is a lot bigger than ours. There is a talk in camp about deserting.

1864, August 6: the army (Sherman's) is getting ready to assult. the men can sense it.

1864, August 7: all our men are setting the supplies on fire and running away. the general is getting our troops ready on Kolb's farm

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Dear Molly,
Today I really thought that I was dead. But do not fret, I still can fight, I can still feel my heart beat. It is slow, but it is there. And it will be there till the end of this battle. General told me I'll live, and I'd better believe him, or I really could die. Today we fought a gruesome battle. A bullet whizzed by my horse's stupid little head. He got spooked and through me off. I went flying past George, who went after me, running, trying to catch my flying rifle before it would fall and go off on someone. He missed. And then it shot my horse. It fell to the ground. Gone. As fast as the wind, carrying our gunpowder. Gone.

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Dear Molly,
Everyone is calling me a hospital rat now, and I am really the opposite. George came by. He said, "Well, bully for you. But our army needs fighters, not fakers. So quit play'in old soldier or skedaddle." I was taken aback. He saw it. He peacocked right outta there, and good thing too. I threw some goobers after him. The sawbones came in an' told me I'd be fine. An' that "I'd better get back out there. The army needs me.". But to be true to myself, I won't be of any help.

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Dear Molly,
Today I was back in battle, ready to fight. And I soon saw George. Limp. On the ground. Paul told us what happened. " T'was not but a few minutes since he fell limp on the ground. And an Arkansas toothpick with a cannon hit him hard, right where it hurts. His slow beating heart. It is now forever stopped. May he rest peacefully in heaven with Jesus and God. I can assure you, General, that he fought long and hard." Dead? George McIntire dead? How? How!?! Why could this happen to such a great soldier? I mourn for him Molly. I really do. But please, do not mourn the same way for me just yet. I still fight. For you. For George. For America. For freedom.
Signed Humbly By your adoring Husband,
Thomas A. Stewart

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Dear Sandy, July 16, 1864
I can't do this anymore. Fighting and watching my men die is heatbreaking. I wish you were here with me and sometimes when I'm really missin you I have to cry myself to sleep. Please send me more letters ones that make me laugh and make me feel happy about fighting in this war.
I miss you with all my heart,

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July 25, 1864,
I can hear Union troops marching down the streets. (Decater was just a street or path back then.) We are in great panic trying to find all our important reasources. I do not want to be another dead man in this war. I will help my countrymen (CSA/ Georgians) by gathering every last resources I can. The Union are marching on I must prepare for when they arrive.
July 29, 1864,
The Union have been here for 4 days, and lots of my countrymen have mustered out (died) I shall look down on thoose who have already acknoledged the corn. (admit defeet) I myself am starting to run low on supplies. I plan to take a small amount of our men to fight.
July 31, 1864,
I fear I must acknolegde the corn and turn in to defeet. As we charged the enemy quickly beat us. They were lean, tuff, well fed, and they all had fourty dead men. (a fully loaded gun) We quickly skidadled but not before I was shot in the arm. I ran back with my bleeding arm. As soon as we arived a sawbone (surgeon) cam to cut off my arm. I now am your only right hand man, jurnal. But I swear on McPhersons grave, we will win this war.

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1864,August 5: We are marching towards Atlanta going to surround the city and seige it. Hopefully they will surrender their men and this will be a Union victory,

1864,august 18: We have been in seige for what feels like forever all we have to eat is stale bread and now we are going to burn Atlanta to the ground, this will probaly hurt some of are men but at least they know they are risking their lives for their country.

1864, September 1:The confederates have run away. Atlanta is burned to the ground. I think we shall state this as great victory for the Union.

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1864 july 13
dear diary today we have capterd belle boyd the spy.she will be hanged. Today we will start the burning of Atlanta. Surgen Daniel has saved mrs.Ellie by cutting of her arm. I will lead the union soliders into battle. After we win aberham lincoln will give a speech of the soliders who have died like henry boyd.

nurse Eliza

1864 july14,

Dear diary,
bella boyd Henrys cousin is dead so sad.We are burning Atlanta as i speak.The confederate is defending very good. We are going to corner them. A lot of men have died . We are going down oak grove road. so far we are sucsessful attacking.
daniel newmyer

11/8/2012 00:30:52

July 14 1864
Dear mother,
Outside the air was full of harsh smelling smoke; I can hear gunshot one after another in the air. Mother I wish you were here to hold and comfort me because I am very scared to go outside that I may get hurt. I am also worried that the bullets will hit the window and break in many pieces. It was 3 in the morning and I had to go the shaft because it was getting to violent outside with the Battle of Atlanta going on. I also saw a bullet hit my friend Ally while getting water. The army men are running out of energy and the army was getting weaker as minutes past. The men were marching thru my house as they told me that my house going to become the new base. I ran out of my house no water or food trying save my life.
July 15 1864
Dear mother
I found a new friend while trying to run for my life, she let me stay in her house as the army men have taken over my house! As I calm down I think about what is happening outside. Lots of army men are being carried away from their lives.as I hope that the army men that have died that there family will get a letter home.


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