Visit this site http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/childlabor/ and choose one photograph to work with.  Complete the
"Examining Photographs" sheet with your group.  In the comments section here,  write a letter to your employer.  Pretend you are a kid in the photo, and are unhappy with the working conditions in the photo.  What would you want the
employer to know?

table 4
1/28/2013 02:47:40

Dear boss man,
i do not like work because it is to long and I want to be able to do stuff i like.I want to know stuff and go to school I dont evan know what 1+1=?
I dont even know what 1 is so can you please make work shorter

1/29/2013 02:30:26

NO! Your fired!

table 4 #2
1/29/2013 02:42:57

Dear Bossman,
I do not like work! my daughter got her whole hand cut off in the cotton machine and my son died by an explosion in the mine.I don't have any more children left so try to keep them safe by not working so long.So if you don't do anything about this soon i will alert the media imediatly!
good day

the media
1/29/2013 02:51:29

today we have passed a law that states all children will not be going to work

Table 2
1/28/2013 02:49:38

Dear Employer,
I am enraged by the work you put us through! We work, but I think that we should learn, go to school, instead of work. Adults should should get higher pay, so they can support the family. This is unfair, you put us through all of this hard labor and for a small pay, 48 cents! My parents work just as hard and they get a full dollar! Plus my work partner slipped and her finger was sliced off. Now I work double for the same pay. I want a raise. I want less hours. I want freedom.

Table 2
1/29/2013 02:45:58

If you do not give us less hours, better working conditions, and better pay, then I will gather the workers and go on strike! You can't fire all of us, we are powerful together as a whole. There is power in a Union.

table 5
1/28/2013 02:49:54

Dear employer working conditions are unfair,some things i would like to change are it is way to hot in here and we are not gettting paid enough for all the hard work we do.I would also like to take into consideration that its too crowded in here and its not safe others and i could get seriuosly injured or even killed.

Table 1
1/29/2013 02:41:20

Dear employer,
We have gotten heat strokes too many times and our fingers hurt from picking beries too much. Our backs also hurt from bending over all day. I don't even know how to spell dog! D-U-G (my mom wrote this letter) A few of my freinds have even been bitten by snakes! We need a higher wage because our family is starving! At least can you give us some place to tra\eat our bee stings? Oh and it would be really helpful if we can keep a share of the berries that we pick.

1/29/2013 02:47:06

Hey boss I need to talk to you about our work. First of all PAY US MORE OR WE WILL NOT WORK UNTIL YOU DO SO. Second WE NEED SAFER WORKING CONDITIONS I mean my best friend Billy got his finger chopped off I mean that hurts. Third STOP MAKING US WORK SO $%#@ LONG. So think about it and make your decision soon.

angry worker

Table 3
1/29/2013 02:50:55

Dear Employer,
Our working conditions are unsafe and unfair. I know i'm a kid, but I have to take care of my three siblings. I'm demanding larger pay, better working conditions,better equipment, and less hours! My family is risking their lives to make a living. It needs to change NOW!


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