Samuel C.,Matthew K.,Russell T.
10/15/2013 18:30:58

Day 1: When we first arrived at the base of "Bald Hill", we Union troops were extremely nervous for the fight for the hill. Sweating and tasting acid, I marched with the rest of the group to our victory, maybe. We fought for hours on end. Bullets flung by us and men fell. Unfortunately, we were unable to take the hill. As we retreated, a bullet pierced my chest. I fell to my knees, my mouth tasting like blood and my pulse slowing. Lucky shot. As the sky grew dark, I realized I was so close to death. All my senses were slowly becoming hazier. I closed my eyes and fell into the eternal rest, forevermore.

Hayes F, Amberlyn W, Vera A.
10/15/2013 18:32:14

The Union is winning so far. I can feel my blood pounding in my head, the sweat dripping down my face,and the dirt in my mouth

Zakir Ahmedin, Jaylan Toussaint
10/15/2013 18:32:31

Today I headed towards Atlanta, unware of what General Tecumseh Sherman was going to lead us into. Arraned in a semi-circle around Atlanta, we were trying to pressure The new and unexperienced leader of the Confederate army. Mortmer Leggett told us troops to capture "Bald Hill" since we couldn't move on the first day, we decided to move on the second.I put in all of my determination into dragging the artillery up the hill. now we cold fire anywhere we wanted. This war was going to be over! We celebrated by eating food and telling stories on how we were going to win the war. Sunndenly I leared that General William "Old Reliable" Hardee attacked from the sides. I heard yelling from everyone, not knowing how big his troops were going to be. The gunshots were extremely loud, and hurt my ears badly. One bullet hit me, and I blacked out.

Davis D , Kamal M ,and Sam B
10/15/2013 18:32:55

It's been along time since we have gotten food but the

Julia W. Taylor H. Eli R.
10/15/2013 18:33:26

Dear Family,

I miss you truly. Being in the Union is harder than I thought. I hope we win because it will effect our chances of winning the Civil war and the two sides will join back together. At camp, there is garbage, poor water, spoiled food, bugs, and overcrowding etc. Sad to see all of these inoccent people die. I can't even tell you how many casualties there were. I plan to desert after the Battle of Atlanta. I hope to see you soon love, Julias T. Rosenberg.


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