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As you study the work of the Freedmen’s Bureau,  take notes on the Bureau’s responsibilities.  Using this information, students should prepare a job description (what's a job description? here are some examples) for an employee of the Bureau. The description should include tasks assigned to all employees as well as possible tasks that may be required to help freed slaves.  Write this description in the "comments".

Russell T (Grammar Correcter Matthew Karpen)
11/1/2013 08:15:12

I'm a former slave and life has been going good. My family has clothes, food, and more. myuties are to pick the cotton ,wash the clothes ,sometimes make the food and more. A desciption of my job is that it is fun and easy.

Russell T, Matthew K
11/1/2013 08:19:40

(Sorry, the first one is bad. I clicked the submit on accident)
Are you a former slave looking for a job? Well now is your chance. Your former owners have offered a chance for you to come back to your old place and work for pay, not for free. Just ask your old master if he wants help and you have a job!

Samuel C., Kamal M., Samuel B.
11/1/2013 08:17:26

The Freedmans Bureau had many important jobs involved, but one was very important. Being a school teacher was very important for the blacks being sucessful in life and getting a job. Most African Americans didn't know how to read and write making it hard for them to get a job. Since they couldn't get jobs it was hard to get food, shelter, clothing, and anything else needed.

melisa s. eli s. eli r. julia w.
11/1/2013 08:19:40

description: working at the freedmans bureau

skills: reading, writing, file, teach, medical.

duties:filing, teaching, doctor, legal advice, releaf worker, inspectors.

job purpose:you get payed well

Cydney C., Bridget B., Kate F.
11/1/2013 08:20:54

My name isTabatha C. Washington and I would like to inform you about my job in the Freedmen's Bureau. I work in the educational department; I teach college students at Georgia university. Teachers help freed slaves and people who cannot aford education. The Frredman's Bureau also helps with food, money, and lawyers made contract with all. There was also some cons of the Freedmen's Bureau, lots of money was lost in the process of feeding, teaching, and building house for 4 million freed slaaves (which is the reason why it was band after seven years). The Freedman's Bureau was good and bad so I hope you have learned alot from my job description. -Tabatha C Washington

Amberlyn w, Hayes f, Alex s.
11/1/2013 08:21:35

Job Distripction: I help former slaves get fair jobs with landowners and I help former slaves with job contracts.most slaves didnt know how to read and write, so I help slaves with the contracts by reading it to them andmaking sure they get fair pay and stuff.

Spencer P,Roan L,Peter B
11/1/2013 08:41:34

Spencer P,Roan L,Peter B
11/1/2013 09:03:43

Job: Working in the white shop owner's store.

Requirements:Phisical labor,General math skills,and home economics.

Description: Greeting the customers,keeping items in stock,keeping floors and items well kept.

Payment: 2.00 per month provided that the Freedmen's Bureau contines to give us payment for our black employies.


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