Read "Demand and Supply for Cattle" on page 239 in  your
Pretend you are a southern farmer and write a  persuasive letter to  Texas ranchers explaining why they will make a lot of money  if they drive their  cattle toward the  Southeast. Remember  to talk about  supply and demand in the  letter.   
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Table 6
12/20/2012 6:57am

Dear Mr. Robert,
It would be good to sell your cattle in the southeast because, it would sell for more. Here, in Texas, cattle sells for only $4. But in the north and east, it sells for $40! You would making a profit of $35 for each head of cattle.The demand of cattle is high in the southeast so, your profit would be higher than it would be in the south. It would be a fantastic idea to sell your cattle in the southeast. You would become rich! <(0_0)>

table 6
12/20/2012 6:59am


J.Z. A.B. J.P.

table1 Vivian H, Calan M, Tommy W, Sophia C
12/20/2012 6:58am

Dear Mr. Jones,
I belive that you should hire me to be your cattle driver. I will keep them straight and healthy.I guarentee that with demand so high, I will drive a great supply of cattle. Please consider me your best choice. The demand will earn you fortunes, and if you get your cattle there first you will make even more. I believe that i will get your cattle there first and safely.

table 4
12/20/2012 7:00am

Dear Joe,
You would make a lot of money if you shipped cattle to the South East. That is because the South East doesnt have any meat or cattle. You would make a big profit and you would also be able to buy more feed to raise the cattle. The demand for cattle in the South East is fairly high and the supply is very low. All in all you would make a huge profit if you shipped cattle to the South East.
Sincerely, Table 4

Table 2
12/20/2012 7:01am

Hey Y'all
If you drive your cattle to the southeast you can sell your cattle for $40.00 instead of $4.00 in Texas. The demand in the southeast is alot higher because people use cattle for beef and leather. The supply of cattle that you sell will be led to railheads and then shipped to eastern and northern cities. Anyways, the main idea is that you will get alot more money if you sell your cattle in the southeast.

table 5 MH,ES,CW,LB,JG
12/20/2012 7:04am

Dear Rancher,
Texas is not a good cattle market. The nothern and eastern states buy beef and other cattle products for $40. The supply and demand in the other states are more but the supply is lowering. You would get good money. I need these products to sell and then give you more money.

12/21/2012 6:58am

Dear Bob, You will make a lot of money if you drive the cattle to the southeast. In the southeast you can sell cattle for 40 dollars each. And u will make a safe journey. Demand will occour when you go to a shop and their will not enough supply. But your friends should have some supply.


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