Write a letter to your parents describing how the $50 in our "Production, Consumption and Distribution" Group Assignment was spent.  Within the letter, make sure you answer the 4 questions found in your Assignment Packet.  Remember, this letter will be visible to other students, so make sure all spelling, capitalization, grammar and punctuation are correct! 
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Nikki B, Ben S, Sophie L, Tyler B
9/4/2012 01:29:50

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Nikki B,Sophie L, Tyler B, Ben S
9/7/2012 01:05:59

3849 Room 43
Parkview Lane Hotel
68213 Chicago, Illinois

niko r.
9/10/2012 09:27:54

nice letter especially i love your mom

9/6/2012 01:17:25

Oak Grove Rd.
Atlanta NE GA 30345
September 4, 2012

Dear mom and Dad,

Hi Mom and Dad, we spent most of the $50.00 you gave us to buy the groceries you told us to buy.

First, we went to Greens Groceries and bought milk, bread, jelly, fruits, veggies, candy, and ice cream. Next, we went to Pauline’s Provisions and bought Cereal and sandwich meat. Last but not least, we went to Foster’s Foods and bought Peanut Butter.

So, in Conclusion, we spent $44.79 for all the groceries.

Lulu Belachew, Isabelle Hebert, Emma Hudson, and Daniel Smith.

Cooper h Eli c Jacob r
9/6/2012 01:26:18

September 6, 2012
5537 Lehigh Street
Bethliham, PA
Dear mama and papa,
We went to the grocery store today. We paid $36.45 for groceries. We actually had fun shopping. We got a good deal on delicious chocolate candy bars.

We paid $6.00 for gas. We had to go more than 1 store. We got the best deal on peanut butter. We paid $3.00 for 6 candy bars. We didn’t buy canned veggies or fruits because it isn’t fresh. We bought fresh carrots and we had a good deal on 2 pounds of bananas.
I think you should leave us in charge more.
Cooper, Jacob, and Eli

Niko R. Kahlil A. Joyce J. Jaydin W.
9/7/2012 01:20:35

3026 Aqua Avenue
Scottsdale, Arizona
September 4, 2012

Dear mom and dad

We wrote to tell you how responsibly we spent the $50.00.We only spent $31.08, and your change will be $18.92. Read along and we will tell you more.

We gave the babysitter $4.00 for gas. So she let us buy ice cream. We were so responsible with what we bought. We mostly got organic food because it was cheaper. The babysitter was happy when we got healthy food, but she was also mad that we got candy. Now we think that we are responsible enough to stay home by are selves.

We think that we should go on the trip with you next time.

We can’t wait until you get home.

From your loving children

Niko R. 
Kahlil A. 
Joyce J. 
Jayden W. 

Sara H, Morgan G., Carson K., Lance B
9/7/2012 01:21:16

Dear Mom and Dad,
We are hoping you are having a great time on your trip. The babysitter drove us to the grocery store. We bought the food at the grocery store that was the cheapest because, it was still good food and was the least amount of money. In all, we spent only about thirty dollars. We went to each store in the neighborhood and Morgan added up the first store, Sara added up the second store, and Carson added up the third store. Lance also helped with the adding. Then we looked at the prices and the third store was the cheapest and still had good food. In all, we made good choices and the food was good also. That’s what we did when you were gone.
Morgan, Carson, Lance, and Sara 


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