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July 14, 1864
General Sherman told us to hold fire. He told us to remain in our fort, and we would charge soon and burn the railroad bridge. When he gave the order we charged to confederate lines and up toward the railroad gate. The confederates were taken by surprise and we burned the bridge. The fire was heavy and the confederates retreated. Then we made Sherman’s necktie which is a twisted piece of rail road tracks.

July 15, 1864
The confederates made a charge today. We were able to hold them off. General McPherson’s army held off the Confederates with heavy artillery. We are trying to get good enough aim to fire on the city. The Confederates are doing everything they can to hold us off but we are fighting hard too. I think it is going to be a long battle.
July 22, 1864
The confederates are trying to take the hill today. When they made their charge General McPherson had to retreat. When he retreated he was shot and killed. Sherman was very sad but he told us to keep fighting. In the end we took the hill and had a clear view of Atlanta.

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June 22,1864.Day 1.Union Base Camp. Today was the first day of the Battle of Atlanta. VERY BLOODY!!! But the good news is we killed a lot of the confederates and we are creeping toward Atlanta. Our dinner was the same,Potatos and corn-fed.

Day 2.June 23,1864.Union Base Camp. Are troops are now seeing Atlanta. There are lots of trains and factories. But the confederates are still fighting, but they are starting to run out supplies. I saw a few rebel soldiers wearing no shoes. We were going back to our camp.

Day 3 June 24, 1864.Uion base camp.

to be continued

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July 22, 1864

Today was a very scary day for me because the Union charged at Atlanta and started a new battle just after we finished a very hard one. We have been shooting and bombing and there has been many deaths in just one day, I actually almost got shot by a bullet. I didn't want to get shot so I went into my cabin and hid from the Union.

July 23, 1864

It is the second day of the Battle of Atlanta and the Union is winning so far. General Sherman is leading them on very strong. There is smoke in the air and it is really hard to breath. I can barely even see a bullet or a bomb. I am thinking that I want to surrender soon.

July 24, 1864

Today we surrendered to the Union Army. It was a very hard battle and I almost got hit by a cannon and a bullet. We just finished our feast; we had mashed potatoes, ham and turkey. It was yhe best feast I ever had considering I haven't eatan a thing in almost three whole days. I am very happy the battle is over.


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