"Harriet Beecher Stowe's most famous introduction took place on or around Thanksgiving Day, 1862, when she was introduced to President Abraham Lincoln, who allegedly greeted her with these memorable words, 'So you're the little woman who wrote the book that made this great war!'"

Not all historians believe that this actually happened, but it’s true that Stowe’s book was very important.  Why do you think Uncle Tom’s Cabin affected people so deeply?

Table 1
10/16/2012 00:22:54

It explains what slavery is really like. This made abolitionists angry. It made them hate slavery even more. It gave them more to fight for.

10/16/2012 00:28:14

because it tells people about how slavery was bad and how it was unfair to them and it hurt innocent slaves. also it got all of the north did not want slavery and the south got scared because the were scared that they would lose thier right to own slaves.so they got their weapons and the civl war started. YAY! :-c

table 2(Jimmy,Sylvie,Lucy, and harry
10/16/2012 00:28:54

Uncle Toms Cabin affected people because it showed the real life of slaves and how cruel and harsh their masters were. It showed how it screwed families up and how miserable their life was .


10/16/2012 00:29:17

Because the book showed the northeners how horrible and unfair slavery was. It made the northeners want to end slavery.

table 4 talia, jared, justin, and mike
10/16/2012 00:31:23

Uncle Tom's Cabin really fired up the Union. It showed them what happened in a slave's life. It shows how horible it is to be seperated from your their family. They realized that they wanted to end slavery right then.

10/16/2012 00:35:43

Uncle Toms Cabin explains when the north read it they felt disappointed that how the south were treatind the african amercians they weren't going to keep leting this happen they were going to do something about. Thats what started the civil war

10/16/2012 00:45:33

Because it told how slavery was bad and unfair. It also got the north all fired up to end slavery. The south heard about how the north was against slavery. they where scared so they got their weapons and the civial war started all because of the book.


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