Read "Demand and Supply for Cattle" on page 239 in  your  textbook.
Pretend you are a southern farmer and write a  persuasive letter to  Texas ranchers explaining why they will make a lot of money  if they drive their cattle toward the  Southeast. Remember  to talk about  supply and demand in the letter.   
Post your letter in the comments section.

Eliza,Conner,Christina,Dorian <---- (who is not here)
12/18/2012 23:50:25

dear Mr.Rancher,
if you move all the cattle to the south east the demand will be high!$$$KACHING!!! If you sell it the west or somewhere the demmand will be less. Would you rather have $4 or $40?
i hope you drive the cattle to the southeast


Evren, Mike, Shaliyah, and Britny
12/19/2012 23:29:51

Dear Mr Rancher,
We need beef in the South! We will pay high amounts in money and cotton and corn and horses. We also need cattle to sell to our citizens to get money! We will pay $70 dllars instead of the north, who pay $60. We give you a demand, you supply it!
Fom, Mr Farmer

Table 2
12/19/2012 23:30:02

Salutatioins Rancher,
Have you heard about this new system that can get us money? Well if you haven't, it's called cattle business. As you know we can buy us some cattle for 4 bucks a head. Those northern states up there are buying 40 a head. Down here the supply is large and the demand is somewere in the middle. Well, up north the supply is low and the demand is high high high. So, hurry up and send them north!
From your best money managers,

The Texas Cowboys

table 5 L J E and sylvie
12/19/2012 23:35:46

Dear rancher, I like meat. you need to drive cattle to the south becauce the demand is extra high!!!!!!! You get money we get MEAT!!!!! Must......have....MEAT!!!! We pay waaaaaaaay more over here cuz we know yur gunna travel long to here and i like MEAT!!!!!

From your southern meat luvin friend Penelope
P.S Penelope is a boys name too

Jimmy,Henry,and, Emma
12/19/2012 23:49:43

Dear Mr.Rancher,
It will take less time and money to deliver it to the south than the north, because in the north the supply is low and the demand is high.

table 2 stroud
2/12/2013 23:52:45

we should stay neutral but be ready just in case. we will stay neurtal but stock pile weapons in case we get pulled in. we also start manufactureing tanks planes and boats. we also start recruiting soldeirs.


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