Mike and Evren
2/12/2013 23:24:06

Dear President Wilson,
I think we shouldn't enter the war because a lot of americans will be killed and it is n ot our war. Syria assasinated the Archduke and we had nothing to do about it. We can still send ships to England and France, and all we need to do is to arm the ships with torpedoes so they can't sink them. I hope you accept my idea to not join the war,
Your Humble Advisor

andy joshua joshua
2/12/2013 23:34:28

I think we should enter the war president. Think about the Loustania and all the ships those Germans have sunk. And the people they have killed.These are not accidents now are they. No i suppose not. Don't you get it these are american ships not british American.We should have the right to sail in these waters its about time were apart of this.

Talia and Brittany
2/12/2013 23:36:27

Dear Mr. Wilson
I highly recomend we should not enter the war. It is happening nowhere near America we should probably keep it that way. Plus the Lucitania only carried 128 passengers from the U.S.A., but if we enter the war, thousands more of our men will die. Do you realy want that on your conscience? Also we want the Allies to win, but since they so easlily outnumber the other countries against them they will have no trouble winning the war. In conclusion, I do not think that we should join Europe's war.

Table 5
2/12/2013 23:36:51

Woodrow Wilson, I think we should go to war. If we join WW1 we will attack germany because of the Lusitania tragedy. The u.s spys have intercepted a message from germany asking mexico to ally with them so they can take back Texas and New Mexico. This is the u.s general of the army.


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